Case Study

Many, I have just printed my Hole in One Certificate and I am delighted and very proud of it all thanks to you.  Have to get it framed now and put up on the wall.

 Looking forward to seeing my Pendant when it arrives, Christmas present from my husband something I have wanted for a long time.

Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous attention in this matter .

It is much appreciated.

What a lovely email. Thank you. 


…my wife, who has only recently taken up the game, achieved a hole in one in her first medal on the first hole. I would like to purchase a Lady Oneholer Gold Brooch so that she may remember her feat forever …. M Davies

…I felt I had struck the ball well, but it wasn’t until the group in front started shouting and jumping up and down that I realised it must have actually gone in – the fact that it was a corporate day and it cost me a lot of money did not detract from the huge high it gave me. I still walk around with a smile on my face when I think of that day! …. Mrs S Read

… I actually mis-hit the ball. It shot along the fairway bouncing at hip height over a ditch and in-between two bunkers. When it got to the green it rolled 20 feet from right to left, hit the flag and went in! Next time it won’t be a fluke!…. C Barrington

…I would like to purchase a silk tie for my husband, who has at last managed to get a hole in one after 50 years of playing. I am so pleased that he has achieved this as I had dared not have got one before him – now I can start trying! …. J McNeill

…when we got to the green, we couldn’t see my ball, so we both searched for the allotted 5 minutes. I then suggested to Mike that he finish, fortunately as he walked across the green, he peered in the hole and guess what…there was my ball! …. N King

…I am usually a poor golfer…it gave me a good day in front of my friends, who are much lower handicappers …. T Hall

I would like to register my 16th hole in one and treat myself to a King Oneholer tie…..I was a Path Finder in the War! …. T Campbell

I would like to register my first Hole in One……It wasn’t the most direct shot – I hooked it left, the ball took a bounce on the outside edge of the bunker, kicked 90 degrees, rolled onto the green and into the hole – I‘m not proud! …. C Williams

I was out with a friend after a dreadful day at work….I struck the ball with an 8 iron, one bounce and it was in the hole – a bad day had suddenly turned into one of my best days!…. D Clarke

…I was told “aim at the flag” and it never left its path! My three friends took it in turns to lift me off the ground and joined me in a drink to celebrate…. A Palmer

…The people in my fourball had all put their ball on the green. When I hit mine, I was just glad it was going in the vague direction of the green, but when I saw it pitch about 10 feet away, take two hops and then slam into the hole, I dropped my club in sheer amazement. It was the best feeling of my entire life. I will never forget that cold autumn morning…. A Crossley

…My playing partner and I went mad on the tee for about 5 minutes. Then there followed about an hour of shock…. G Hastings

…I was so amazed whilst on a business trip to Japan. I was approached by a perfect stranger who asked me where I had achieved my hole in one – he had noticed my Oneholer Tie! D Busby

…I received a kiss and a cuddle from my playing partners…wait till I tell my husband!…. G Hampton

I write to thank you for your so very prompt and friendly attention. The replacement brooch for my sister-in-law arrived this morning and she is thrilled to have her “special” brooch back again. Phyllis is now in her 83rd year and this memento of her achievement meant so much to her. The care and trouble taken by the lady I dealt with was just exceptional and the trouble taken so very much appreciated. Wouldn’t it be grand if such service was available everywhere! J Underwood

On Mon 3rd November, I telephoned and placed our annual order. At the time there was an unofficial postal strike so delivery was in doubt. To my utter yet pleasant surprise the items ordered were delivered first thing the following morning. I find your attitude refreshing and very professional and wish other commercial concerns would adopt your approach to business. I would not have the slightest hesitation in recommending you to any potential customers. Once again many thanks for your prompt attention to our order. R D Pollard

…many thanks for your prompt and efficient service Dunwood Manor Golf Club

…thank you so much for our new company ties – what a brilliant job – indeed it is one of a very few club ties that I would wear rather than not be seen dead in! Japanese Shipowners Association.

Thank you for sending my Past Captain tie at such short notice…I received so many positive comments from my peers and colleagues at our corporate day! R Harris

I am delighted with my Lady King Oneholer Pendant, which I received next day! C Baldwin

Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service and attention to detail. Everything arrived from The Oneholer in good time for our annual presentation dinner and dance and the smiles on the recipients faces made all the effort worthwhile. Thankyou on behalf of our club. Awali Golf Club A McAlpine

Many thanks for your excellent servie - rare these days from others but very welcome. J Turner