About Us

In 2002, The Oneholer Limited acquired its hole in one business from Thresher & Glenny, an old and established tailoring company in London. Thresher & Glenny was owned and managed by my father, Keith Sargant, until he sold the business and retired at the end of 2004.

The Oneholer business was launched by Thresher & Glenny in 1954. Reginald Armstong, Thresher & Glenny's then tailoring director and a golfing enthusiast, had the idea of a special tie for Oneholers whilst taking a bath one evening! His idea was to write to golf club secretaries all over the world. They were to be informed that a special hole in one tie was available to golfers who could prove with the signature of a club secretary, captain or club director that they had indeed holed in one. The idea was tested and the business has been thriving ever since.

At The Oneholer, we pride ourselves on the continuing integrity of the worldwide register. Membership of the register and the supply of our Oneholer Awards (for golfers who have scored ONE Hole in One) and King Oneholer Awards (for golfers who have scored TWO or more Holes in One) depend on two criteria:

  • The Hole in One being in accordance with the Hole in One Rules as defined by The Oneholer Limited.  A Hole in One will be recognised during Casual Play as well as in a Competition
  • The Oneholer Limited receiving written verification from the Nominated Club Official (Club Secretary, Manager, Director of Golf, Club Captain).

Achieving a hole in One is truly one of the most, if not the most exciting thing that can happen to a golfer. For some people, it is the best moment of their life and this applies however thrilling someone's life may be. The former President of the United States, Mr Nixon said, "Holing in one was the greatest event of my life. Greater even than being elected Vice President". Under the case studies section, there are excerpts from letters I have received detailing how some golfers have managed to score their hole in one!

Other famous people that have holed in one include Nick Faldo, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. However, what I have found is that, as you might suspect, there is no particular group of people that are likely to hole in one more than another and that there are no particular circumstances that favour someone getting a hole in one. Juniors right through to those in their 80's hole in one and often in pretty unfavourable weather conditions. In addition, experience is not necessarily a factor. Letters have been received from golfers who have yet to hole in one after a lifetime of effort. Others manage to hole in one after a couple of lessons and some even make a habit of it!

I myself am a golfing enthusiast and I try to spend as much of my spare time as I can on the golf course. This means that I can really appreciate what it must feel like to achieve a hole in one. I have never got one myself and I have often wondered how on earth people manage it, particularly when my ball is, once again, heading into the lake or a bunker! However, being a golfer, I completely understand what a rare achievement it is to get a hole in one and I am delighted to maintain the worldwide register of the select few who can claim this accolade and to supply to them an exclusive trademarked range of products.

Liz Sargant
Managing Director