Hole in One Rules

Hole in One Rules/Downloadable Form as defined by The Oneholer Limited.

  • The stroke must be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as defined by the Royal & Ancient and the USGA.  
  • The stroke must be played during a stipulated round of golf but not necessarily in a Club competition.  Can also be scored in General Play.
  • A Hole in One made during an interrupted round (weather, illness etc), shall also be acceptable.  
  • A Hole in One scored on a temporary green where the hole size does not exceed 4.25” in diameter shall be deemed acceptable.  
  • The Hole in One must be witnessed and attested by at least one fellow competitor and qualified by a Club Official.

We pride ourselves on the continuing integrity of the worldwide register. Membership of the register and the supply of our Oneholer Awards (for golfers who have scored ONE Hole in One) depend on two criteria:

1) The Hole in One being in accordance with the Hole in One Rules as defined by The Oneholer Limited.

2) The Oneholer Limited receiving Written Verification from the Nominated Club Official

Nominated Club Official

  • Club Secretary/Manager
  • Director of Golf
  • Club Captain
  • Lady Captain
  • Head of Society
  • Competition Secretary
  • Section Secretary 

Information Required

  • Golfer’s Name
  • Golf Club at which the Hole in One was achieved
  • Date of Hole in One
  • Hole Number
  • Club Official’s Printed Name and Signature

Accepted Verification

  • Email/ Letter on Golf Club Stationery
  • Copy of both sides of Scorecard
  • Copy of Club awarded Certificate
  • Completed Hole in One & King Oneholer Verification Certificate

Verification Certificates can be: 

  • Completed on-line (If you choose this method, we will seek Verification from your Nominated Club Official. We will notify you by email if your application has been unsuccessful.)
  • Downloaded on link below 
  • Requested by phone or email and completed and returned with your order

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